Luxury is a feeling! Fashion TV Resort's exquisite aesthetics and tranquil environment help transcend into a world of luxurious resorts in India. The journey to rejuvenate and unwind comes with a high-end pampering experience and recognition that the brand carries. Our brand offers global recognition, a stronger brand name, and an elevated customer base, and the aesthetics of the most beautiful resorts in India.


FTV Resorts comes with the most elegant features:

A Culinary Delight

The unrivaled array of gourmet, multi-culinary cuisines accompanied by outstanding ambience and premium services, are all on a plate.

The Zen Mode

Luxurious rejuvenation of mind, body, and soul for a complete transformative journey. Spas, Salons, and Wellness Studios are designed to provide the perfect Zen mode.

The Celebrity Statement

Tailored design for weddings, birthdays, and business retreats to suit style and taste. Customize the most beautiful resorts as per your requirements, including décor and arrangements.

Choose Like Royalty

Wide range of services in food and beverages, design and décor and specialized hospitality offerings. Our services cater to every desire and craving to ensure an unforgettable experience.

Exceptional Services

Every request is special. Our meticulous design delivers an unmatched and unparalleled experience, all wrapped in a luxurious package.

Logo Usage

Fashion TV comes with features such as international recognition, global standards, and value enhancement for luxury resorts in India.


Fashion-inspired aesthetically designed architecture and beautification services, on 3D models and software, to build premium resorts.


Exclusive Fashion TV worldwide community to elevate your customer base to global standards in the best luxury resorts of India.

the Future

The Future of Luxury Resorts in India is here! FTV Resorts is the best luxury resort project that adds style and a taste of fashion in the sector. We are on a journey to set up the most beautiful resorts and luxury beach resorts in India.

the Future
the Future

Just how cryptocurrency took over the world, when at once it was an idea that was known by a very few. FTV Real Estates is a project that is up and coming with establishments that will one day see dominance in the real estate sector.

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