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Fashion TV, a global fashion powerhouse, cultivates and elevates fashion into a worldwide phenomenon. Through the power of media, we inspire and adorn fashion enthusiasts with our innovative approach. Our collaboration with aspiring entrepreneurs extends opportunities for launching multiple businesses through franchising, licensing, events, media and concept and city partnerships in diverse fields.


India's Fashion TV industry holds immense promise, driven by its position as the largest and fastest-growing economy. A significant advantage lies in its youthful population, estimated at a staggering 356 million.

A networking giant, FashionTV is transmitted to satellites in SD, HD, and 3D, 530+ TV platforms, mobiles, IPTV, smart TVs, and smartphones.

The FTV audience has a high standard when it comes to their taste in fashion. They swear by the world's leading designers and dress to impress.

FashionTV has a niche audience whose viewers consist of celebrities, models, and designers who have excellent taste and whose fashion choices and purchases are heavily influenced by FashionTV. Keeping up with millennials and the age of digitalisation, our outreach has been staggering and FashionTV has made its mark on every social media platform.

FashionTV has always been synonymous with fashion, luxury, and beauty aesthetics. We keep collaborating with popular and premium brands around the world ranging from categories like cosmetics, accessories, and exotics cars to premium apparel. FashionTV has collaborated with the behemoths of the industry and will continue besieging opportunity after opportunity for other businesses to beam.
Unique Selling Points

Leverage the FTV brand's goodwill and international recognition to enhance the project's value, leading to potentially significant profits.


Receive comprehensive support in interior designing and architectural beautification through detailed 3D modeling, ensuring an intricately designed FTV brand for your project.

Brand Equity

Unlock new horizons for upcoming business tycoons and entrepreneurs by offering them the prestigious brand recognition and value of Fashion TV, catering to a larger customer base.


The FTV brand brings global recognition and a diverse clientele. Our brand name is synonymous with extensive media coverage, viewership, and a substantial following - all of whom identify with the exceptional standards we uphold. With partnerships spanning the globe, you can align yourself with international standards and access a clientele that will elevate your brand to new heights.


Gain access to FashionTV events from across the country and connect with a diverse array of brands, franchises, business ventures, and fellow entrepreneurs. Garner recognition and immerse yourself in a broad network encompassing individuals from various business backgrounds, all while advancing your own entrepreneurial pursuits.


Partnerships with FashionTV entail promoting your ventures and business across the various platforms of the FashionTV network. You'll have the opportunity to cross-market your business through the various platforms and communication channels of FashionTV.

Key Facts
New Media

Fashion TV holds the distinction of being the world's pioneer fashion channel, reaching an impressive viewership of over 2 billion in 196+ countries. Delivering the latest updates and insights on fashion, luxury, and lifestyle, it captivates over 100 million households and entertains more than 10 million public venues across five continents. Remarkably, Fashion TV stands as the fourth most widely distributed channel globally, accessible through 250 cable satellites and available in 500 million households, along with an additional 10 million public TV sets installed in various public places.

FTV is the most distributed channel in public places and is the gatekeeper in the world of fashion and glamour. FTV delivers the latest trends to interesting target groups via live TV and travels faster than other Fashion mediums. FTV allows brands to build an image through a focused approach to fashion and lifestyle. Today, Fashion TV is a name to reckon with globally. However, as the saying goes, Rome was not built in a day. Business tycoon, Michel Adam Lisowski, the owner of Eden Group had a love and penchant for fashion, and it was this passion that drove him to build a brand that found its roots in the year 1997.

FTV launched into social media with a ton of multi-genre content. On Facebook, FashionTV has a total fan base of over 5 million users. Our Facebook page has more than 4 million+ likes and gets 12 million+ views per week. FashionTV's YouTube channel gets 65 million+ views. On Instagram, FashionTV has 300k+ followers and also has 125k+ organic reach per month.

Fashion TV's global network showcases fashion in innovative and captivating ways every day! Experience the front row of the biggest fashion shows and runways, along with the highlights of the finest fashion stories from around the globe. Be the first to witness the presence of stunningly alluring models as Fashion TV brings you all of this!


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Midnight Secrets

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Model Fitness

FashionTV Global

F men

FTV Paris

Top Models

Fashion Films


FashionTV L'Original

Hair and Makeup



Through a vast and complex network of investors, Fashion TV possesses a vision to make its mark in the nation serving mutual benefits to the brand along with its affiliates.


In alliance with our affiliates we aspire to spread our wings across the globe through invention, inspiration and initiative.


Through a vast and complex network of investors, FashionTV possesses a vision to make its mark in the nation serving mutual benefits to the brand along with its affiliates.

the Future

With a legacy spanning over two decades as the global fashion world's flag bearer, Fashion TV is poised to play a pivotal role in nurturing the growth of the fashion industry in India. India's remarkable potential for Fashion TV is evident, given its status as the fastest-growing economy and the most appealing aspect - a youthful population estimated at 356 million. Expanding our reach in this promising market, we are eager to introduce multiple FashionTV branded businesses, tapping into the vast opportunities that lie ahead.

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